The Smoothie Diet Review

The Smoothie Diet is an easy, delicious, natural and safe way to get nutritious, fat-burning ingredients into your day, so you can start to transform your life and achieve your health, fitness and weight loss goals. And before you even say it – no, this is not just another one of those fad diets. The entire system is infused with expert advice from a certified health coach and nutrition coach, and it goes into way more than just the things you put into the blender; it touches on your lifestyle, habits and exercise, as well as your diet and nutrition. So, unlike other juicing regimes, this system isn’t solely about juicing and only juicing. Instead, it’s about using juices and smoothies in collaboration with other healthy habits to achieve your goals. So, if you’re ready to try some really delicious recipes, grab your blender because I’ve got the inside scoop on what you can expect from The Smoothie Diet.

The Smoothie Diet Review

What is The Smoothie Diet?

Grab your blender, ladies and gentlemen; it’s time to get healthy, whole foods into your diet through delicious juices and smoothies, so you can start harnessing the health and weight loss benefits they contain. The Smoothie Diet is a comprehensive program that teaches you the ins and outs to using juices and smoothies to achieve your health, fitness and weight loss goals. But don’t be mistaken – it is not a juicing regime.

While the program is full of yummy smoothie recipes, it isn’t about juicing to replace eating. Instead, it’s all about juicing and enjoying smoothies to get healthy, safe, fat-burning ingredients into your day in a delicious way. It even goes into your lifestyle habits and daily activity levels, and then, the system provides you with expert advice on what can be done to improve your life and health as a whole. So, to say The Smoothie Diet is just about smoothies would be a major understatement.  Not only that but it also provides you with absolutely everything you need to easily go through the process, such as:

  1. Main Guide
  2. Smoothie Schedule
  3. Shopping Lists
  4. Recipe Cards
  5. Daily Journal
  6. Healthy Eating Guide
  7. Workout Plan
  8. Smoothie Recipes
  9. Diabetes-Friendly Smoothie Recipes
  10. Gluten-Free Smoothie Recipes
  11. Smoothies for Kids
The Smoothie Diet Download Page
The Smoothie Diet – Download Page (Preview)

You even receive immediate access to the program as soon as you purchase; there’s no need to pay or wait for shipping, nor do you have to free up some space in your kitchen for the 11 components provided. You just log in and access the program online or you can download the content onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, which I personally recommend since it ensures you have everything you need wherever you go, whether it’s to the grocery store or to the kitchen.

Now, if you have tried other smoothie regimes before, you may be skeptical as to whether this one will work. Like I said, it is much more than a smoothie regime. However, you also get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which gives you two months to slurp in the benefits.

Who is the Creator of The Smoothie Diet?

Drew Sgoutas, Nutritional Expert and Certified Health Coach, is the creator of The Smoothie Diet. He focuses his career on healing people achieve their health and weight loss goals through realistic regimes, such as cooking delicious recipes and enjoy yummy smoothies made with real ingredients.

Overview of The Smoothie Diet

The Smoothie Diet is much more than just a smoothie diet regime. Instead, it’s a comprehensive system that acts as your very own nutritional guide. The system comes with absolutely everything you need to harness the power of real ingredients – from an abundance of valuable information to shopping lists; from printable recipe cards to daily diet journals; from exercise trackers to exercise regimes, incredible recipes and so much more. Everything is already done for you; you just have to follow along. It’s easy to do and even easier to slurp down to receive healthy weight loss.

To give you a better idea of just how comprehensive the program is and what you can expect from it as a whole, here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics and things provided to you:

Main Guide

The Smoothie Diet Table of Contents
The Smoothie Diet – Table of Contents (Preview)
  1. Fat Burning 101
    1. A Glimpse at the US Health Crisis
    2. The Main Culprits Behind the Obesity Pandemic
    3. Super-Sized Portions
    4. The Standard American Diet
    5. You Don’t Fail Your Diets: Your Diets Fail You
    6. Dietary Fat – Friend or Foe?
    7. The Smoothie Diet Other Smoothie Type Diets
    8. Plant Power
    9. Understanding Superfoods
    10. This Recipe vs. Other Diets
    11. Outlines of the Program
    12. Don’t Forget: Be Active Every Day
  2. Smoothie Basics
    1. How to Choose a Blender
    2. Where to Buy Your Blender
    3. Choosing The Best Vegetables and Fruits
    4. Storing Fruits and Vegetables
    5. Smoothie Making Tips and Tricks
    6. Making Smoothies
    7. Storing Smoothies
    8. What If I Can’t Find The Ingredients?
    9. Some Side Effects You May or May Not Experience
  3. What To Eat
    1. Solid Food Meal Recommendations
    2. Foods You Can Have
    3. Foods You Cannot Have (Except on Cheat Day)
    4. Example Meals
    5. Healthy Snacks
    6. The Cheat Day
  4. The Main Program
    1. Week 1: The Smoothie Revolution
    2. Week 2: Feel The Green
    3. Week 3: Introducing Metabolic Boosters
    4. Week 4: Unleashing the Healing Power of Smoothies
    5. Week 5: And Beyond
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion
  7. Smoothie Recipes

Smoothie Schedule

  1. 5 Week Program for 7 Days a Week (Sunday’s a cheat day)

Shopping Lists

  1. How to Navigate a Grocery Store
  2. Shopping Lists for Each Week of the Program

Recipe Cards

  1. Printable Recipe Cards for each Recipe

Daily Journal

  1. Journal for Each Week
  2. Mood, Energy, Digestion, Cravings Tracker
  3. Mind, Exercise Tracker

Healthy Eating Guide

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction
  2. Chapter 2: Healthy Eating Basics
  3. Chapter 3: Healthy Eating Tips + 7 Meal Plans

green smoothies for weight loss

Workout Plan

  1. Fast Fat Blasting Workouts for Busy People
  2. Introduction
  3. Beginner Workouts
  4. Intermediate Workouts
  5. Advanced Workouts

Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies

  1. 42 Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies

Gluten-Free Smoothies

  1. 42 Gluten-Free Smoothies

Smoothies for Kids

  1. Introduction
  2. Eating Healthy Early in Life
  3. The Power Lies in You
  4. Breakfast Skipping – An Absolute No-No
  5. Boost Your Child’s Nutritional Intake with Smoothies
  6. A More Effective Way to Classifying Foods
  7. Conclusion
  8. 5 Fruit Smoothies
  9. 5 Green Smoothies

Our Verdict

The Smoothie Diet is your guide to getting delicious, healthy, natural, real ingredients into your day to harness the health and weight loss benefits that they contain.  The program is highly focused on the recipes but it also dives into your lifestyle habits and activity levels, which is key for transforming your life and of course, your body. Absolutely everything is already done for you – from all the research to the scheduling; recipes; grocery shopping lists; exercise regimes and more. All you have to do is throw it in a blender and enjoy the flavors and the fat-burning elements. And hey, you even get two months to try it out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you two months to try the scrumptious smoothies and see how they bring you closer to achieving your health, fitness and weight loss goals. You have nothing to lose!


Download The Smoothie Diet PDF

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