The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy Review

The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy is your guide to detoxifying and repairing your liver in four weeks. It’s a 100% safe and natural system that focuses on detoxing your liver, correcting your diet and exercises to burn more fat to begin treating non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. However, the four week process is not like all of the others. Instead, this system is designed for the everyday person – the person who doesn’t have the time to spend hours at the gym or cooking up elaborate meals. It’s practical and reasonable, offering a natural treatment plan that you can continue with moving forward so you can maintain your new liver health. So, if you’re ready to reverse the risks associated with fatty liver disease, here’s everything you can expect from The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy.

The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy Review

What is The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy?

If left untreated, fatty liver disease can lead to liver failure, which can be fatal. The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy provides you a comprehensive, four-week regime that teaches you the steps needed to detoxifying and reverse the effects of this dangerous disease. It’s a four-phase system that focuses on three factors:

  1. Detoxify
  2. Exercise
  3. Diet

However, unlike other systems, the process is realistic and plausible. You aren’t required to do intense cardio workouts several hours a week, nor do you have to follow a super restrictive diet that leaves you feeling miserable if not worse. Instead, it’s all about taking small steps for big change and it provides you with everything you need to do just that, such as valuable information about the condition, causes, environmental factors, and much more. More importantly, it then puts everything you’ve learned into an easy-to-follow action plan that includes recipes, food lists, a 28-day detox plan for resting your body and liver, a four-week healing regime, maintenance program for long-term healing and more.

All of this is available to you as soon as you purchase, so you can sign in and download the content right onto your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. This ensures you have the incredibly helpful information, steps, recipes and action plans with you wherever your life takes you. There is also an option to get the program in physical form. Both options are the same and teach you:

  • How the liver works
  • How the liver affects your entire health
  • How non alcoholic fatty liver disease develops
  • Medical conditions that make non alcoholic fatty liver disease more likely
  • Which ingredients harm your liver
  • How to easily avoid harmful ingredients
  • The best exercises for melting liver fat
  • How to support your liver by supporting your body’s detox organs
  • The principles of a liver detox
  • A 28-day detox plan
  • How to maintain liver health moving forward
The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy Download Page
The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy – Download Page (Preview)

The concepts that make up The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy have also been tested by scientists at the University of California. They found that people experienced reduced cholesterol, reduced insulin resistance and reduced blood pressure, as well as a 7% reduction in liver fat. And you even get two months to try it out for yourself with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Who is the Author of The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy?

Natural health expert, Julissa Clay, is the author of The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy. She is well renowned within the natural health industry and has produced many effective strategies for people looking for healthier ways to improve their health. This program, in particular, was created alongside Blue Heron Health News, which is a reputable online platform that teaches people holistic alternatives to conventional medications and treatments.

Overview of The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy

The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy is a comprehensive, natural health program that teaches you everything there is to know about your condition, how it’s affecting your health, what’s causing it and most importantly, how you can begin to address it. It’s a simple system that focuses on three pillars – detoxifying, correcting your diet, and exercising, which are all broken down into a four-part system to ensure an easy process. In these four parts, you receive valuable information, recipes, food lists, exercises, environmental suggestions, supplement recommendations, a 28-day detox plan and much more.

The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy Table of Contents
The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy – Table of Contents (Preview)

To show you exactly how comprehensive the program is, here’s a look at some of the topics covered:

  1. The Silent Disease

Part 1: Getting to Know Fatty Liver

  1. The Liver’s Role in Your Health
  2. Your Liver: Filter, Detoxifier, Vitamin Store
    1. Transforming Food into Fuel
    2. Protecting The Body
    3. Processing and Neutralizing Toxins
    4. Defending You From Infection
    5. Waste Disposal
    6. Processing Hormones
    7. Glutathione Production
  3. What Is Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?
    1. What Happens If You Have Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
    2. Do You Have Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
    3. Genetics
    4. High Cholesterol
    5. Obesity and Visceral Fat
    6. Metabolic Syndrome
    7. Insulin Resistance and Diabetes
  4. Symptoms
  5. Diagnosing
  6. Causes
    1. Diet
    2. Sugar
    3. Sugar and Liver Fat
    4. Sugar and Inflammation
    5. Sugar and Free Radicals
    6. Sugar and Overeating
    7. High-Fat Foods
    8. Processed Foods
  7. Gut Health – Another Piece of the Puzzle
  8. Your Environment and Fatty Liver
    1. Water and Your Liver
    2. Fluoride
    3. Chlorine
    4. Trichloroethylene
    5. Clean Up Your Water
    6. Air Pollution and Your Liver
    7. Clean Up Your Air
    8. Toxic Toiletries and Your Liver
    9. Which Chemicals Do You Need to Look Out For
    10. Liver Friendly Personal Care Products

Part 2: The 3 Pillars of Liver Health: Detox, Diet, Exercise

  1. Principles of a Liver Detox
    1. Kidneys
    2. Lungs
    3. Colon
    4. Skin
    5. Lymphatic System
    6. The Four Stages of Detoxing
    7. Liver-Loving Foods
    8. Carbs: Role, Benefits and How to Choose the Best Ones
    9. Choosing The Best Fats for Health
    10. The Best Foods to Strengthen your Microbiome
    11. Best Gut-Friendly Foods
    12. Probiotics
    13. Prebiotics
    14. Liver-Supportive Supplements
    15. Milk Thistle
    16. Dandelion
    17. Curbing Over-Eating
  2. Best Exercises for Healthy Weight Loss
    1. Exercises to Reduce Visceral Fat
      1. HIIT
      2. Core Exercises
    2. Keep It Moving

Part 3: 28-Day Liver Detox

  1. Week 1
    1. Going Organic
    2. Quick and Tasty Ways to Prepare Cruciferous Veg
    3. Keeping a Food Diary
    4. Setting Up a Sleep Routine
    5. Include Gentle exercise
    6. Week 1 Task
    7. Week 1 Recap
  2. Week 2
    1. Removing Liver-Stressors
    2. Restocking Your Cupboards
    3. Healthy Alternatives
    4. Effortless Home-Cooking
    5. Hydrate
    6. Recap
  3. Week 3
    1. Adding Probiotic Foods
    2. Increase Your Exercise
    3. Recap
  4. Week 4
    1. Antioxidants and Supplements
    2. Intermittent Fasting
    3. Recap
  5. Maintaining Your Healthy Liver

Part 4: Recipes

  1. Salads
  2. Dressings, Sauces, Dips and Snacks
  3. Hearty Plant-Based Dishes
  4. Smoothies, Desserts, Sweet Snacks

Our Verdict

The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy is a comprehensive program that makes it easy to begin treating your liver safely and naturally. It’s designed for regular people who don’t have time to spend hours at the gym doing intense workouts or cooking up gourmet meals in the kitchen. It’s practical and reasonable so you can maintain your new liver health moving forward. It’s even clinically proven to work and you get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to try it out risk-free. So, you have nothing to lose by trying the natural alternative.


Download The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Strategy PDF

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