The Kidney Disease Solution Review

The Kidney Disease Solution is a powerful treatment program designed to help people reverse their kidney disease safely and naturally. It’s a proven system that can be used by anyone with low kidney function, who has ben diagnosed with kidney disease or who simply wants to boost their kidney health. But why is this important? Studies estimate that 1 in 7 adults have Chronic Kidney Disease, with most of them having no idea. Of those without chronic kidney disease, 50% of them have very low kidney function. Most importantly, kidney function is imperative to your health and when they aren’t functioning properly, your health and even life may be at risk. With The Kidney Disease Solution, you learn a comprehensive treatment program that is proven to reverse kidney disease so you can get back to living your fullest potential.

The Kidney Disease Solution Review

What is The Kidney Disease Solution?

Kidneys remove waste and extra fluid from your body. Once they go, invasive and intense operations and procedures are needed to keep you alive. What’s even more shocking than this is that 1 in 7 adults have chronic kidney disease, with most of them having no idea.

The Kidney Disease Solution is an online program designed to teach people how to reverse their kidney disease using safe and natural methods. It’s a comprehensive system that is proven to work. The entire regime is supported by science and is infused with natural, tried-and-true regimes that are proven to soothe symptoms, tackle the cause and eliminate the problem once and for all.

The program comes with a variety of powerful information that can transform your kidneys and health as a whole. It provides you with an abundance of natural remedies and methods, so you can tackle your kidney health problems at the source to eliminate them for good.

The program also comes with beneficial information and treatment for a vast array of health problems as they can directly impact your kidneys. This includes things such as hypertension, diabetes and kidney stone.

I’ll delve into the details in just a moment but for now, here’s a quick look at the breakdown of the program:

  • The Main Program
  • Video: Morning Yoga Flow for Kidney Health and Energy
  • Audio: De-Stress and Renew Meditation
  • Kidney Disease Symptom Tracker
  • Kidney Health Grocery List
  • Quick Meal Planning at a Glance

In addition to this, you also receive three bonus programs for absolutely free, which are:

  • Free Bonus #1: Cookbook Companion
  • Free Bonus #2: Kidney Diet Essentials: Fast-Track Guide
  • Free Bonus #3: How to Interpret Your Kidney Test Results
The Kidney Disease Solution Download Page
The Kidney Disease Solution – Download Page (Preview)

All of this is available to you as soon as you purchase. You just sign in and download the content onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and you’re ready to get started. This also ensures quick, easy and convenient access wherever you go, which is great for commitment and consistency.

Now, The Kidney Disease Solution is a proven regime for reversing chronic kidney disease. However, it also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try it out risk-free for two months.

Who is the Creator of The Kidney Disease Solution?

Duncan Capicchiano, N.D. and wife, Fiona Chin, N.D. Duncan are the creators and naturopaths behind The Kidney Disease Solution. Duncan comes from a long line of naturopaths in his family and is also the co-founder of one of the largest healing clinics in Australia. Fiona is a practicing naturopath as well and as many say, a brilliant kinesiologist.

Overview of The Kidney Disease Solution

The Kidney Disease Solution is a powerful program that teaches you how to reverse your kidney disease safely, naturally and permanently by tackling it at the root cause. With this program, you receive an abundance of valuable information about the kidney health and functioning, including the causes, risks, contributing factors, and much more, all of which is supported by science.

Then, all of your newfound kidney knowledge gets put into a comprehensive, step-by-step treatment program so you easily implement what you’ve learned to drastically improve your health and life.  In the treatment portion of the program, you receive everything you need to use the problem, including recipes, step-by-step instructions, food lists, grocery shopping lists, mindful techniques, exercise movements, and much more.  This allows for well-rounded treatment and healing that tackles the cause(s) of your kidney disease or low kidney health.

The Kidney Disease Solution Table of Contents
The Kidney Disease Solution – Table of Contents (Preview)

Here’s a sneak peek at what the breakdown of the program looks like:

  1. Introduction and Welcome
    1. Real List Stories
  2. Chapter 1: Let’s Open The Hood
    1. What is kidney disease?
    2. What exactly are the kidneys and what do they do?
    3. Structure of the kidneys
    4. What causes kidney disease?
    5. Acute kidney failure
    6. What tests can be used to confirm kidney disease/kidney function?
    7. Know your kidney function %
  3. Chapter 2: Pharmaceutical Drugs That May Cause Kidney Damage
  4. Chapter 3: Western Treatment Model
    1. Early stages of kidney disease treatment
  5. Chapter 4: The Natural Way
    1. Kidney disease – so what is really going on?
  6. Chapter 5: The Kidney Repair Tools
    1. Nutrition – the basic building blocks of life
    2. Nutrients to heal kidneys
    3. Minerals and nutrients affected by kidney disease
    4. Herbal medicine
    5. The ancient 5000-year-old healing tradition
    6. Herbs cautioned in kidney disease
    7. How to talk to your doctor regarding herbal and nutritional supplements
    8. Tips for taking natural supplements
  7. Chapter 6: The Treatment Plan
    1. How it works
    2. Phase 1 – The Essentials
  8. Chapter 7: The Foundations
  9. Chapter 8: Food Glorious Food
    1. The alkaline diet in depth
    2. The alkaline diet
    3. So, which goods fall into each category?
    4. How to read a food label and what to look out for
    5. Stage 405 kidney disease sufferers
    6. Alkalising recipes
    7. More recipes…
    8. Lunch or dinner
    9. Notes for a health diet
  10. Chapter 9: Water and Your Kidneys
    1. Avoiding dehydration
  11. Chapter 10: The Tea
    1. Kidney tea
  12. Chapter 11: Juicing
  13. Chapter 12: Lifestyle
  14. Chapter 13: Good Vibrations
    1. Exercise – the guiding principles
    2. Some new exercise ideas to try
    3. Using the Tibetan 5 rites exercise routine
  15. Chapter 14: The Healing Mind
    1. Metaphysics of health – using your mind to heal
    2. Your personal reality
    3. Getting grateful
    4. Your brain on unhappiness
    5. The benefits of reducing stress
    6. Stress and its effect on our health and genes
    7. The work of Byron Katie
    8. Final Words
  16. Chapter 15: Relaxation
    1. 8 ‘easy as pie’ relaxation techniques
    2. Meditation exercises
  17. Chapter 16: The Wim HOF Method
  18. Chapter 17: Kidney Stones
  19. Chapter 18: Diabetes
    1. What it is
    2. How diabetes causes problems
    3. Diabetes and kidney health
    4. How to treat diabetes specifically
    5. Natural therapies to control diabetes
  20. Chapter 19: Hypertension
    1. What it is
    2. How hypertension causes problems
    3. Hypertension and kidney health
    4. How to treat hypertension specifically
  21. Frequently Asked Questions
  22. Resources
    1. Have you enjoyed the solution experience?
    2. Studies on nutrients and their benefits in treating kidney disease
    3. Herbal medicine studies and their effect in kidney disease
    4. Other herbal remedies and their therapeutic actions
    5. Herb and drug interactions in kidney disease
    6. Nutrients and drug interactions benefits in kidney disease

Our Verdict

The Kidney Disease Solution is a proven treatment program that allows you to heal and reverse your kidney disease safely, permanently, and naturally right at home. It’s a comprehensive system that offers life-changing treatment plans and regimes that can be used by anyone looking to improve their kidney health. It’s backed by science and even comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.  You just can’t go wrong with that.


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