The Fat Burning Kitchen Review

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a powerful program that teaches you a new, healthy and sustainable way to lose weight by increasing your natural fat-burning hormones. These hormones have natural fat-burning properties that boost your metabolism and weight loss safely and naturally. But here’s the thing that is going to shock you the most: researchers found that dieting can actually make you gain weight, as they cause your fat-burning hormone to decrease by up to 50% after 7 days of dieting. So, by trekking through the misery of traditional dieting – food restrictions, calorie counting and intense cardio, you are actually decreasing these hormones that make weight loss easier. The good news is that you can stop “dieting” and bring those fat-burning hormones back into action. The Fat Burning Kitchen teaches you the way by showing you what foods to include in your diet. It’s all about eating, instead of food elimination, and comes with everything you need to get started.

The Fat Burning Kitchen Review

What is The Fat Burning Kitchen?

Studies found that 95% of people fail when trying a new diet. This is because most diets set you up for failure. Not only do they fail to provide you with sufficient information and resources, but they also make it difficult to continue with the diet long-term. The most shocking part is that researchers found that traditional diets decrease your fat-burning hormones by 50% in just the first week. The longer you diet, the higher this number becomes. So, it’s time we stop pushing ourselves to do these unbearable diets that are making it more difficult to lose weight.

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a powerful program designed to help people attain their weight loss goals safely and naturally. It’s a comprehensive program, with the main focus being on getting specific foods into your diet that naturally boost your fat-burning hormones. Yes, it’s all about eating foods, instead of eliminating them. And because of that, there’s no need to calorie count, portion control, weight your foods, or spend hours working out. The power (and weight loss) is in the food.

The program is quite comprehensive, as it offers incredible information that teaches you the process and the details of how each food item will benefit your weight loss goals. This includes information on cholesterol, saturated fats, omega-3’s, omega-6’s, fiber, protein, hormones, plant foods, animal foods, and much more. Prepare to be shocked.  It then provides you with food lists, weight loss hacks, a 21-day accelerated fat loss program, and much more to get you started.

To ensure an easy and organized experience, The Fat Burning Kitchen is separated into two parts, which consist of:

  • Part One: Start the Cleanout
  • Part Two: How to Stock Your Fat-Burning Kitchen

As you can see from the titles, the first part is all about clearing out the junk from your kitchen. This includes foods you already know are bad for you and “diet” foods you’ve been tricked into buying. The second part is all about stocking it back up with the good things that increase your fat burning hormones and start melting away fat. Spoiler alert: They’re delicious, affordable, easy-to-attain items too!

Now, everything is available to you as soon as you purchase as the program is digital. This means you can get started today and can download the guides right onto your smartphone, laptop, desktop computer or tablet. This is great for quick and easy access to the content as you work your way through your kitchen and to the grocery store.

The program also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free!

Who are the Creators of The Fat Burning Kitchen?

The Fat Burning Kitchen was created by Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling. Mike is a certified nutrition specialist and best-selling author, including The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging and The Truth about Six Pack Abs. As for Catherine, she is a Certified Personal Trainer has studied diet, nutrition and health for more than 25 years.

Overview of The Fat Burning Kitchen

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a comprehensive program that teaches you how to lose weight simply by eating nutrient-dense foods that boost your fat-burning hormones. With it comes an abundance of incredible information that teaches you about the foods you should be eating to boost weight loss safely and naturally. It does not focus on food elimination like traditional diets do, other than eliminating the things you already know are bad for you.

In addition to serving as a valuable resource for weight loss, the program also puts the information together into a practical guide for you to follow. It’s separated into two parts, which consists of clearing out your kitchen and restocking it.

But that isn’t all. The second part also comes with all types of delicious food lists and scientific information supporting their weight loss benefits. You also receive various checklists that guide you through the process, and a 23-Day Accelerated Fat Loss Plan. This plan comes with simple step-by-step instructions, exercises, food choices, meal timing, eating tricks, guidance and tips to maximize the effects of this program.

The Fat Burning Kitchen Table of Contents
The Fat Burning Kitchen – Table of Contents (Preview)

To give you a better idea of what you can expect, here’s a more detailed look at the program:

Part One: Start The Cleanout

  • Chapter 1: Foods made with refined flour and corn products
  • Chapter 2: Foods and drinks containing high fructose corn syrup
  • Chapter 3: Margarine, vegetable oils, trans fats, Crisco
  • Chapter 4: Artificial sweeteners – Splenda, NutraSweet, Saccharin
  • Chapter 5: Commercial pasteurized Dairy
  • Chapter 7: Soy products – soymilk, tofu, TVP
  • Chapter 8: Sports/Energy drinks
  • Chapter 9: Energy bars
  • Chapter 10: Processed foods, weight-loss meals, diet snacks and diet desserts

Part Two: How to Stock Your Fat-Burning Kitchen

  • Chapter 11: High quality protein-grass fed beef/bison, wild cause fish, free-range chicken and eggs
  • Chapter 12: Raw dairy milk and cheese
  • Chapter 12: Grass fed dairy butter, coconut oil and large
  • Chapter 14: Nuts – almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, brazil nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts
  • Chapter 15: Avocados
  • Chapter 16: Organic berries
  • Chapter 17: Organic dark green leafy vegetables
  • Chapter 18: Healthy sweeteners – real maple syrup, raw honey, Stevia
  • Chapter 19: Healthy real food energy bars
  • Chapter 20: Dark chocolate
  • Chapter 21: green tea, oolong, black, mate, herb teas
  • Chapter 22: Items to keep in your kitchen
  • Chapter 23: The transformation has begun

As mentioned, you also receive The Advanced Nutritional Fat-Burning Blueprint: The 23-Day Accelerated Fat Loss Plan, which covers topics such as:

  • Priorities during the 3-4 week accelerated fat-burning stage
  • Types of weight training
  • The 10-minute Abs/HIIT circuit explained
  • Manipulating carbohydrate intake
  • Cheat days
  • Alcohol consumption
  • The cayenne trick
  • Cinnamon for blood sugar control
  • Protein and fiber drink concoction
  • Chamomile tea for fat loss
  • Green, white, oolong teas and yerba mate
  • More organic
  • More red meat than chicken or fish
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Onions and garlic
  • Krill oil
  • Coconut oil and MCTs
  • BCAA’s and carnitine
  • Stress management and reduction
  • Deep sleep and fat loss
  • The advanced strategies
  • Buying guide
  • Additional health resources

Our Verdict

The Fat Burning Kitchen teaches you a safe, natural and easy approach to boosting your fat-burning hormones for sustainable weight loss. It comes with a detailed guide that guides you through the process and can be used by anyone who wants to improve their weight or fat burning hormones. It even comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.


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