Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back is a powerful online program that teaches you professional and effective methods you can use to get your ex back and to start repairing your relationship, all through easy text messages. And let’s get serious, you know your ex isn’t answering his or her phone when you call but they will read your text messages as long as you play your cards right and that’s exactly what this program teaches you how to do. You don’t have to change who you are, what you look like or what you desire from your love life either. There are no lame one-liners to recite or awkward scripts to repeat when you run into your ex. You just have to continue being who you are while also following the step-by-step process that uses texting to your advantage. So, if you’re ready to put an end to your breakup and heartache, here’s what you can expect from Text Your Ex Back.

Text Your Ex Back Review

What is Text Your Ex Back?

It is true that you cannot change your ex and that is not what this program is about. Text Your Ex Back is online relationship guides designed for people who want to get their ex back so that together, you can rekindle, repair and create a healthy relationship moving forward. Now, that’s not to say that this program isn’t for someone who wants to change their ex either, as it does provide you with helpful information and expert relationship advice for creating a healthy relationship. Perhaps you’ll even learn how to let go of the idea that your ex will change. Either way, if you want your ex back and are ready to do it the positive and effective way that results in valuable relationship lessons that allow you to create a healthy relationship moving forward, this is the program to dive into.

Text Your Ex Back teaches you a strategic plan for using text messages to rekindle your romance. It provides you with a deeper understanding of why the relationship ended, and how your ex’s mind works, romantically and sexually, and then it gives you the appropriate texts and texting-methods to execute to use your newfound information to put your relationship back together. The entire system consist of a 10-module regime that takes you through step-by-step processes that use nothing more than a good text message here and there. There are different versions for men and women, which is key since we all know men are from Mars and women are from Venus. All joking aside, the general idea of each version is the same but the is tailored to suit the person reading it and the ex they’re trying to get back.

Now, the really awesome thing is that this program can work with all situations, whether you’re on the verge of a divorce, on the verge of a break up, have broken up and believe your ex hates you – you name it. But how is this possible you ask? Because the program doesn’t just teach you how to get your ex back and then send you on your way. It provides you with valuable, expert relationship that helps you repair the relationship moving forward. You even get some worksheets to complete to make sure you understand the methods being taught to you.

Text Your Ex Back Download Page
Text Your Ex Back – Download Page (Preview)

The really awesome thing is that you don’t have to wait to get started – or worse, wait for an awkward package to arrive on your doorstep. Text Your Ex Back is entirely online, meaning you can get started right away and you can keep your secret strategy a secret. You just sign in and download the content right onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This also means that you’ll have the program with you at all times as long as you have your tech device, which is a huge benefit when you randomly run into your ex on the street.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that you can try the program out for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee? You have nothing to lose, my friends.

Who is the Creator of Text Your Ex Back?

Michael Fiore is the internationally known relationship expert that created Text Your Ex Back. He has appeared on major platform such as, The Rachael Ray Show, FOX, WebMD, NBC, CBD Radio, Yahoo and more, and he forgoes the traditional “wait three rings before answering” and focuses his approach on tactics that work in this modern day world.

Overview of Text Your Ex Back?

Text Your Ex Back is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow regime that teaches you how to use text messages to get your ex back. There are different versions for both men and women, and an abundance of incredible modules that offer specific information based on your unique situation.

Text Your Ex Back Table of Contents
Text Your Ex Back – Table of Contents (Preview)

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a look at the types of things you learn throughout the program and the approach you can expect as you work through it:

  1. Introduction/Rules
  2. Dumper and Dumped + Worksheets for Both Situations
    1. Why Did You Break Up – Really?
    2. Top 7 Reasons Your Ex Might Have Given For Dumping You and What They Really Mean
    3. Why Do People Cheat
  3. The Big Goal + Worksheets
    1. Why Do You Want Your Ex Back
    2. What Do You Actually Want?
    3. How Are You Going To Get There?
  4. Flight Check
    1. Check Yourself Before You Text Your Ex
    2. Important (And Good) Side Effects
    3. Drown Your Old Relationship in a Bucket
    4. Forgiveness Fully Engaged
    5. Forgive Your Ex
    6. Forgive Yourself
    7. Forgiveness Exercise
    8. Advanced Forgiveness
    9. Plan Alternate Routes
    10. The Power of Social Proof
    11. Wash and Wax
    12. Cool Your Jets
  5. Text-Judo + Worksheets
    1. The Cornerstone of the System
    2. What is “Text Judo”?
    3. Principles of Text Judo
    4. Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Effort
    5. Mutual Welfare and Benefit
    6. How Text Judo Works in Practice
    7. Visualize Your Moves: Homework
    8. What Do You Share With Your Ex?
    9. What Are the Best Experiences You and Your Ex Had Together?
    10. How is Your Ex Currently Feeling About Your Relationship
    11. What if You Were Blindsided By The Breakup?
  6. Across the Bow
    1. Texts
      1. Gently
      2. Establish
  • Affirmative
  1. Rapport
  1. What These Texts Are Not For
  2. Ironclad Rules of Across the Bow Texting
  3. Plan of Attack
  1. Prepping the Soil
    1. Best of Relationship Texts
    2. Putting Feelings Into Words: The Power of Emotional Language
    3. When Should I Send a Text?
    4. Technique One: Power Words
    5. Technique Two: Memory Stimulation
    6. Technique Three: Word Pictures
    7. Putting it All Together
    8. Sneaky Trick: The “Small Ask”
    9. Responses and What To Do
  2. Gem Texts
    1. Bonus Technique: The Green-Eyed Monster
    2. How to Use Jealousy in a Positive Way
    3. Rules of Green0Eyed Monster Texting
    4. Examples
  1. Planting the Seeds
    1. Intimacy Booster Texts
    2. Rules of Intimacy Booster Texting
    3. Text Formula One: Extra-Strength
    4. Text Formula Two: For Everyday Use
  2. Reaping the Harvest
    1. Attraction Texts
      1. Rules
      2. The Curiosity Text
  • The Sexy Story Text
  1. G-Rated Attraction Texts
  1. Watering the Tree
    1. Emotional Honesty Texts
    2. Rules
  • Compliment Texts
  1. Appreciation Texts
  2. How I Feel Texts
  3. What I miss Texts
  • Responses
  1. Virtual to Physical
    1. The First Date
    2. Post-First-Date Texts
  • Nice Time Texts
  1. Sensory Expander Texts
  2. Favorite Part Texts
  3. The Tag Along Text
  1. Final
    1. Texting Steady

best text to send to an ex

The good news doesn’t end there either. You also receive some bonuses for absolutely free which include:

  • BONUS: Audio version of the training
  • BONUS; Instant Forgiveness with Dr. Frederic Luskin Internet
    • How to move past pain and anger
    • How to stop having the same fights
    • How to get your ex to accept you for who you are
  • BONUS: Infidelity Buster Interview with Dr. Jan Hall
    • Why men and women cheat in relationships
    • Fast, easy way to heal after infidelity
  • BONUS: Facebook Romance Secrets Program
    • Seduce your ex using Facebook and social media
    • How to use simple posts on his wall to spark anticipation
    • How to comment on pictures

Our Verdict

There are few things worse than dealing with a broken heart. You’re in constant agony with a terrible feeling in your heart, all the while trying to get your ex back only to find out that you’re actually pushing them further and further away. But don’t give up. You can get your ex back but you have to follow the right approach and that’s exactly what Text Your Ex Back teaches you how to do. So, if you’re ready to take control of the situation and win your ex back, it’s time to start following this regime, provided to you by a professional relationship expert who has appeared on The Rachael Ray Show, FOX, WebMD, NBC, CBD Radio, Yahoo and many more.


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