Natural Synergy Review

Natural Synergy brings ancient healing practices right to your home through an online program that teaches you a combination of sound therapy and acupressure, so you can begin to remove energy blocks that are causing over 150 ailments, diseases and illnesses. Nobel prize winners have confirmed that the body is only 0.99999% physical; the rest is all energy, and when you have energy blocks in your body, it is unable to function properly, which then leads into many health concerns and issues. Unlike many conventional methods that simply mask the problem, Natural Synergy allows you to get to the root of the problem and to activate your body’s natural health response, providing you with safe, natural and effective healing that has been used for thousands of years.

Natural Synergy Review

What is Natural Synergy?

As Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy.” Absolutely everything thing and being on this planet has a frequency; a vibration that determines how it feels, what it does and how it responds to other elements of the earth.

Natural Synergy teaches to overcome over 150 ailments, diseases and illnesses the safe, natural and effective way. It teaches you a combination of acupressure and sound therapy that will remove energy blocks in your body that have been causing you the symptoms and issues you’ve been struggling with. By removing these energy blocks, your body’s natural healing gets activated and your mind and body are able to thrive.

If this doesn’t make sense to you right now or you have no understanding of acupressure and sound therapy, don’t worry. Natural Synergy comes with an abundance of valuable information that teaches you everything there is to know about your body’s energy points and the ancient healing practices that remove energy blocks. There is also the option to skip all of the information and go right into the 3-minute daily regime, but it’s quite interesting and you should certainly start from the beginning.

Now, I’ll dive into the program in more detail in just a moment but for now, here’s a sneak peek at what the system comes with:

  1. How to Get Started Video
  2. Main Manual
  3. Meridian Tones Audio Files
  4. Acu Facelift Revitalizer
  5. Acupressure For Regaining Healthy Blood Pressure
  6. Eastern Metabolism Miracle
  7. Bonus: Access to Natural Synergy App

You receive all of this as soon as you purchase, so there’s no need to pay or wait for shipping… or continue to suffer and take prescription medications that only mask the problem. Instead, you just log into the customer portal and download the content right onto the electronic device of your choice, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This gives you access to the program whenever and wherever you are, and you never have to worry about carrying around a bunch of books or CDs (do these even exists anymore?) to start harnessing the power of ancient healing practices.

Natural Synergy Download Page
Natural Synergy – Download Page (Preview)

Now, if you are new to ancient healing practices and are unsure what your body’s meridian points have to do with your ailment, disease or illness, you do receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee when you purchase the program. This gives you more than enough time to see how ancient healing practices can work for you. And considering you only need 3 minutes a day to rein in the benefits, you have nothing to lose.

Who are the Authors of Natural Synergy?

Emily J. Park and Dr. Lin Xiaoxi are the authors of Natural Synergy. Emily was in a serious car accident that left her dealing with crippling chronic pain, despite having all the prescription medications in the world prescribed to her. And as a pharmacist herself, putting all of these things in her body made her cringe. This is when she not only changed her career but also met up with Dr. Lin Xiaoxi to learn the ancient healing practices that she so desperately needed to regain control of her life again.

Overview of the Natural Synergy Program

Natural Synergy is a comprehensive program that teaches you everything there is to know about sound therapy and acupressure; two ancient healing practices that can tackle the root cause of over 150 ailments, diseases and illnesses. There is a ton of valuable content and remedies, so the program has broken the system down into a four-part series. To give you a better idea of what you can find in each section, here’s an insider’s look:

Natural Synergy Table of Contents
Natural Synergy – Table of Contents (Preview)

Part 1 – TCM: Vastly Different to Western Medicine

  1. Do you Believe in TCM?
    1. Energy Flow and Your Body
    2. Where Eastern and Western Medicine Diverge
    3. Your Body Has the Same Healing Power as When You Were Young
    4. Western Medicine and Drug Companies Have Largely Repressed TCM
    5. What Do You Believe?
    6. How Does TCM Benefit You?
    7. What Kinds of Ailments Can TCM Help?
  2. What is Acupressure?
    1. Benefits of Acupressure
    2. Contraindications for Acupressure
    3. Locating Acupressure Points
    4. The Cun System
    5. Does It Matter What Side I Use?
  3. How to Apply Acupressure
    1. Apply Pressure
    2. Acupressure Tools
    3. Breathing Techniques During Treatment
  4. What Should Acupressure Feel Like?
    1. Other Acupressure Tools
    2. Breathing Techniques During Treatment
  5. How to Apply Acupressure While Using Therapeutic Breathing Techniques and Sound Therapy
  6. After Treatment Care
  7. Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    1. The Meridian System, QI and Acupressure Points
    2. Meridian Lines – A Closer Look
    3. The Body Meridians
    4. The Meridian Body Clock
    5. Five Element Theory
    6. How Does the Five Element Theory Relate to Acupressure Treatment
  8. History of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Part 2 – The Medicinal Science of Sound Therapy

  1. Everything in This Universe is Vibration
    1. Atomic Particles Hold Everything
    2. Atoms Emit a Sound
    3. Entrainment in Action
    4. The Schumann Resonance: The Earth’s Heartbeat
    5. Everything Emits a Sound Frequency
  2. The Earth’s Heartbeat
    1. The Schumann Resonance and TCM
    2. Cymatics
    3. Electromagnetic Frequency Pollution
    4. We Are Depriving Ourselves of Earth’s Healing
    5. Frequency
    6. Combating the Effects of EMF Pollution
  3. Ancient Writings on Sound
    1. The Mozart Effect
    2. The Effects of Music on Plant Growth
    3. The Type of Music You Listen to Matters
    4. Messages From The Water
    5. Thoughts and Emotions Create Substantial Change
  4. The Use of Sound in Modern Medicine
    1. The Rife Machine
    2. Frequencies of the Human Body
    3. Frequency Distortion
    4. Brain Frequencies
  5. The Therapeutic Use of Sound in Different Cultures
    1. How Does it Work
    2. The Use of Sound to Achieve a Different Mental State
  6. The Pure Tone of Tuning Forks
    1. A Pioneer of Sound Therapy
  7. What is Modern Sound Therapy?
    1. Combining Acupressure with Sound Therapy
    2. Electro-acupuncture
    3. Discover the Benefits of Acupressure Sound Therapy

Part 3 – Acupressure Treatments for 150 Everyday Conditions (To name a few)

  1. Abdominal Pain and Distension
  2. Eczema, Psoriasis and Other Skin Problems
  3. Addictions
  4. Allergic Rhinitis
  5. Anxiety, Stress and Nervousness
  6. Depression
  7. Kidney Stones
  8. Teething
  9. PMS
  10. Infertility
  11. Fever
  12. Inducing Labor
  13. Lower Back Pain
  14. Shingles
  15. Stroke
  16. Sore Throat
  17. Wrist Pain

Part 4 – Acupoints

  1. Location, Diagrams, Chinese Medicine Actions, Symptoms for Each
  1. Part 5 – Frequencies
  2. Meridian Tones
  3. Brainwave Beats
  4. Solfeggio Frequencies
  5. Universal Frequencies
  6. FAQ
  7. What’s Next?

The Verdict

Natural Synergy is your guide to uses ancient healing practices in this modern day world. It’s 100% safe and natural, and it comes with all the information and tools needed to start tackling the root cause of whatever it is you’re dealing with. You even get two months to try it out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying healing remedies that have been used for thousands of years. Certainly, you can’t be the one person who this stuff doesn’t work on.


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