Infatuation Scripts Review

Infatuation Scripts is a powerful program designed to help women get the man and relationship they want – for good. New evidence shows that a relationship that isn’t going to last will typically end within 3 to 5 months from the day they begin. While it’s better for it to end earlier than later if it’s inevitable anyway, having this happen on repeat can be really discouraging and disheartening. Needless to say, dating is tough and keeping a relationship seems even harder, especially in this day and age where men can swipe right for anything. But you can change that. Infatuation Scripts is a unique program that focuses on helping women understand what sends men running the other way. However, it isn’t about changing or hiding who you are or what you want. Instead, it’s all about gaining the knowledge needed to understand how a man perceives certain approaches and feeding him the three key components of infatuation that make men yearn for a woman’s attention.

Infatuation Scripts Review

What is Infatuation Scripts?

Every woman can relate to a relationship going incredibly well and then, suddenly ending. It’s almost like a switch goes off and this guy who was super into you flipped the switch and – boom, his feelings for you vanish. In most cases, this is because something gave him the wrong message.

Infatuation Scripts is a unique dating and relationship program designed to help women understand how men perceive certain responses, so you can adjust yours. It’s all about changing repeat behaviours that make men reluctant to commit. However, it is not about ignoring how you feel, changing what you want, or hiding who you really are. Instead, Infatuation Scripts helps women captivate and keep a man’s attention by making simple adjustments in their responses without dismissing what you’re trying to say. With this approach, you’re able to feed men the three key ingredients to infatuation, which are

  • Ingredient #1: Uncertainty
  • Ingredient #2: Investment
  • Ingredient #3: Curiosity

With this approach, you can systematically tackle the three phases of falling in love – lust, infatuation, and attachment. And don’t worry ladies; there’s no reciting scripts or repeating one-liners. It even provides you with examples of responses and “scripts” for different scenarios.

In addition to the program, you also receive access to three bonuses for absolutely free, which are:

  • Bonus #1: The Commitment Calculator
  • Bonus #2: Make Any Man Yours for Life
  • Bonus #3: Why Men Shut Women Out

All of this is available to you as soon as you purchase, which means you don’t have to worry about an awkward package arriving on your doorstep or a guy finding your secret manual. Instead, you just sign in and download the content right onto your tech device. This allows you to access it in private in the comfort of your own home or wherever you want.

Infatuation Scripts Download Page
Infatuation Scripts – Download Page (Preview)

The system also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, giving you two months to try it out. This is a perfect amount of time to learn the approach and see how it drastically improves your relationships.

Who is the Creator of Infatuation Scripts?

The creator of Infatuation Scripts is Clayton Max. Clayton has worked as a relationship coach for men for over 10 years and has since become the “go-to guy” for all of his female friends. Interestingly, throughout his career, he has noticed repeat behaviours and scenarios that cause relationships to fizzle out, which is what inspired this program.

Overview of the Infatuation Scripts Program

Infatuation Scripts is a powerful program designed to help women take control of their relationships and love life. It’s a comprehensive system that teaches women how to examine their own actions to identify any unhealthy repeat behaviours. Then, it provides you with simple adjustments you can make in your approach to still express how you feel while also pulling him in closer to you.

The system is organized into systematic chapters for a step-by-step gradual process. Each chapter provides you with a new technique (the three ingredients of infatuation), complete with examples of scripts you can use depending. This allows you to choose an approach that fits you and your situation.

Throughput the system, you receive a written guide, videos and audio files as well, so you can choose the best option for you.

Infatuation Scripts Table of Contents
Infatuation Scripts – Table of Contents (Preview)

Here’s a quick sneak peek at some of the things covered in the main manual:

Main Manual

  1. Introduction
    1. The ‘right man’ myth
    2. What is infatuation?
      1. Phase 1: Lust
      2. Phase 2: Infatuation
  • Phase 3: Attachment
  1. Infatuation is binary
  2. Liking vs. Infatuation
  3. What triggers infatuation?
    1. Three ingredients
  4. How to use this program
  5. On game-playing
  1. Ingredient #1: Uncertainty
    1. What is uncertainty?
    2. Why is uncertainty important?
      1. During the early stages of dating
      2. When he’s taking you for granted
  • When you’ve broken up and want him back
  1. When NOT to use uncertainty
    1. Too much certainty, too early
  2. Uncertainty Trigger #1: Independence
    1. What does it mean to be independent?
    2. Independence scripts
  • Independence scripts – after sex
  1. Projection questions
  2. Post-flake scripts
  1. Uncertainty Trigger #2: Qualification
    1. What is qualification
    2. Why is qualification so powerful
  • Before and after sex
  1. The wrong way to qualify him
  2. Technique #1: Screening Questions
  3. Technique #2: Gradual Approval
  • Technique #3: Playful Disqualification
  1. Uncertainty Trigger #3: A Barrier
    1. Desire vs. Need
    2. Indifference vs. Ambivalence
  • What is a barrier
  1. Why are barriers do important
  2. Using barriers
  3. Barrier scripts
  1. Pressure and Uncertainty – Sex vs. Relationships
  2. How to Make a Man Feel Pressured
  3. How to Arouse Uncertainty
  4. Showing vs. Telling
  5. Uncertainty Review
  1. Ingredient #2: Investment
    1. What is investment?
    2. The investment Effect
    3. Absolute vs. Relative investment
    4. How do you get him to invest more
    5. Investment Key #1: Set His Expectations
      1. Expectation scripts
    6. Investment Key #2: Reciprocity
      1. Offer and Ask scripts
      2. Matching
  • Matching Scripts
  1. Investment #3: Shaping
    1. The rewarding mindset
    2. What to reward
  • How to reward
  1. Investment framing
  2. Investment review
  3. Ingredient #3: Curiosity
    1. Why is curiosity important?
    2. The mindset
    3. How to kill his curiosity
    4. Arousing his curiosity
    5. Curiosity Hook #1: Contrasting Qualities
    6. Curiosity Hook #2: Intrigue Loops
      1. Intrigue openers
      2. Cliffhanger scripts
    7. Curiosity Hook #3: Teasers
      1. Playfully elusive scripts
      2. Shift the spotlight scripts
    8. Curiosity Review
  4. Final Words

+ audio files of the entire program and videos to follow along with.

Our Verdict

Infatuation Scripts teaches women how to navigate through relationships in a way that drives their man closer to them. It’s an easy system that comes with many different options, so every woman can find the perfect approach for her and her unique situation.   You even get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.


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