10-Day Fat Flush Review

10-Day Fat Flush is your guide to achieve quick, effective, and sustainable weight loss without having to work out. Now, I know you’ve heard this before but unlike many other “get fit quick” schemes, this one doesn’t use weight loss pills, major potions, and restrictive guidelines. There is no need to count calories or portion control either. Spoiler Alert – these things never work. Instead, the secret to losing weight naturally and quickly, and to keep the benefits going is to eliminate inflammation. With this program, you learn how to naturally reduce inflammation with your diet to boost your metabolism, block fat storage, and revitalize your health as a whole and it’s all about eating. In ten days, you learn which highly inflammatory foods to avoid, which delicious and highly fat foods to enjoy, how to mix them together into yummy recipes, and more, to get sustainable weight loss without having to do intense dieting and exercise. Here’s everything you can expect from the 10-Day Fat Flush.

10-Day Fat Flush Review

What is 10-Day Fat Flush?

Inflammation is the root of all evil, or at least, almost all evil according to studies and health experts. It is an underlying cause for various types of diseases, illnesses, health problems, and concerns such as weight gain. The interesting thing is that studies found that people with a diet rich in choline have the lowest inflammation. These same people have optimal health. So, the secret to weight loss is precisely to eat a diet rich in choline.

10-Day Fat Flush is an online program that teaches you how to eliminate inflammation by following three simple rules:

  1. Cut Out Sugar
  2. Cut Out Grains
  3. Eat a High-Fat Diet
  4. Intermittent Fasting (An Optional Bonus Trick to Lose More Weight)

It is designed for people who can’t work out or who don’t want to work out and still want to get in the best shape of their lives. The regime teaches you simple ways you can flatten your stomach by avoiding highly inflammation foods and getting specific ingredients into your day that speed up your metabolism, block fat storage, and soothe hidden inflammation with your diet.

With this system, you don’t have to do any research, prepping, or planning either. All of the hard work has already been done for you and put together for you in quick and simple guides, such as:

  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. Main Manual
  3. Free Online Training
  4. 10-Day Green Smoothie Diet Guide
  5. 3-Day Keto Soup Detox
  6. Celery Juice Breakthrough
  7. Intermittent Fasting Blueprint
  8. Workout Videos

Throughout these guides, you learn the quick and easy regime that will flatten your tummy in 10 days by eliminating inflammation. This includes simple recipes, food lists, lifestyle recommendations and more.

Now, you also receive some free bonuses with this program, which include:

  • Free Bonus #1: 5 Secrets to Flatten Your Belly in Just 7 Days
  • Free Bonus #2: Your Morning Fat-Burning Routine

The awesome thing is that you receive immediate access to all of this as soon as you purchase. You can choose to follow the program online or download the content right onto your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or computer. The latter is great for convenience, especially when you’re dining out, eating at a friend or family member’s house, or grocery shopping, as it ensures you have all the information you need to keep your inflammation at bay, no matter where you go.

You also get two months to try the program out risk-free with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is ample time to see how changing out highly inflammatory foods for healthy fat foods will realign your body and respark your natural fat-burning capabilities.

10-Day Fat Flush Download Page
10-Day Fat Flush – Download Page (Preview)

Who is the Creator of 10-Day Fat Flush?

The author of 10-Day Fat Flush is Derek Wahler. Derek is a successful weight loss coach in Wisconsin and he has spent the last 10 years helping people lose healthy, sustainable weight quickly and permanently without exercise. He strives to help people who can’t workout or who don’t want to work out, but who still want to look and feel great. As such, he is highly sought after and is quickly reshaping the way people approach weight loss.

Overview of the 10-Day Fat Flush Program

10-Day Fat Flush is a simple program that teaches you gradual steps to make in your diet to slowly and successfully eliminate inflammation. Each step is broken down into sections to ensure an easy, stress-free process. These steps include:

  1. Cut Out Sugar
  2. Cut Out Grains
  3. Eat a High-Fat Diet
  4. Intermittent Fasting (An Optional Bonus Trick to Lose More Weight)

With each step, you receive all types of recipes, food lists, recommendations, and more, all put together in quick little blurbs and sections that are easy to access as needed.

In fact, the entire system is set up to be quick and easy so you can receive the weight loss you deserve without having to do all of the extra work that makes most people fail. It gives you the information you need to understand how inflammation is affecting your body, how the items on the food lists help or harm you, what to cook with the ingredients recommended, what to drink, and more, so you can get the health and body you want.

This includes plenty of quick, healthy recipes, food lists, meal plans, workout videos and more to keep you flushing out your inflammation for the next ten days to reboost your metabolism and the natural fat burning capabilities the human body has.

But you don’t have to take my word for it either. Here’s a quick look at some of the things you can expect from the 10-Day Fat Flush:

Main Guide

  1. Drink This Before Each Meal + Recipe
  2. Cut Out Sugar
    1. Food Lists
    2. Code Names of Sugar
  3. Cut Out Grains
    1. What Causes Plaque Build Up In Your Body?
    2. Food Lists
  4. Eat a High Fat Diet
    1. Food Lists
    2. Stay Off The Grains
  5. Bonus Trick to Lose More Weight
    1. 12 Hour Fast
  6. Meal Plans for the Next 10 Days
    1. Protein Choices
    2. Vegetable Choices
    3. Healthy Fat Choices
    4. Example: Steak, Asparagus and Avocado
    5. Fat Burning Coffee

Our Verdict

10-Day Fat Flush is a simple program that teaches you easy ways you can lose weight quickly and effectively. It focuses on eating, instead of dieting and exercise, and everything you need to do just that is outlined for you in quick, readable sections and lists that get right down to the point. This program does not waste your time with pages upon pages of information that doesn’t relate to you. It jumps right into the stuff that matters and that is going to provide you with healthy, sustainable results throughout the next 10 days and beyond. You even get two months to try it out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose by seeing how inflammation has been standing in between you and your weight loss goals.


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